Legal California Super Bowl Betting

Legal California Super Bowl BettingFans of the NFL always make plans to watch the big game but not everyone knows where legal California Super Bowl betting can occur. Since the overturning of PASPA, states have been granted the right to determine their own sports betting laws. Though California has yet to enact any of these laws, there are still options that exist to legally get in on the Super Bowl prop betting action (or any betting action for that matter).

Online sportsbooks based overseas and outside of US legal jurisdiction are perfectly viable options for West Coasters looking get started. If you are new to the sports wagering game and need some help on how to place bets and what information you are looking at, you have come to the right place. We review the different betting types on the Super Bowl as well as give you reviews of sportsbooks that you can legally sign up to start playing. Sportsbook like Bovada, SportsBetting, or BetOnline are free and have a reputation for timely payouts and unbeatable customer service, but first, let’s get started on the wagering types.

Bet on Super Bowl LV at Bovada

Where To Wager On The Super Bowl In CA

Most California residents are used to hopping across the border into Nevada to bet on the big game in Las Vegas. However, for fans who can’t afford the time and the money for that trip, legal California Super Bowl betting is available via online sportsbooks and Internet betting shops based overseas. All you need is a computer or mobile (like an iPhone, iPad, or Android device), a data connection, and a membership at a legal offshore bookmaker like Bovada, SportsBetting, BetOnline, BetDSI, or BookMaker. Signing up is free and fast, and you can load up your account with a variety of different funding options.

California Super Bowl Betting At Bovada

Bovada SportsbookAs the world’s foremost Internet betting shop, Bovada has been in the game since the advent of online sports betting. As such, it’s the bookmaker of choice for CA residents. Legal California Super Bowl betting at Bovada offers the most streamlined service, the easiest-to-use web interface, and unrivaled customer service. The company has never missed a payout, and they offer a number of perks – including a $250 Sports Welcome Bonus – to new customers so they can maximize their returns right off the bat. If you can only choose one legal online sportsbook, Bovada is an excellent pick.

CA Super Bowl Betting At SportsBetting

SportsBetting SportsbookOf course, Bovada isn’t the only game in town. Legal California Super Bowl betting at SportsBetting is a fantastic experience in its own right, and the company is a bona fide market leader in the sports betting industry. You can choose which new member bonus you want for signing up at SportsBetting (50% Welcome Bonus, 100% Cryptocurrency Welcome Bonus, etc.). The first is attained by using the code 100CRYPTO while the decentralized currency bonus uses 100CRYPTO. Since you can join as many Internet betting shops as you want, adding another top player to your portfolio can only enhance your bottom line.

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Super Bowl Betting Types

Now that you know where to bet, you’ve got to make sure you know how to bet. And you probably already do! That’s because Super Bowl betting types are no different from regular season NFL wagers, and the stakes aren’t really any higher. That said, the available types of bets, from moneyline to spread betting, parlays, and props are available to you but with more options that you could imagine. The Super Bowl is the biggest sporting event of the year and the betting numbers match the viewership.

How To Read The Super Bowl Moneyline

Like all moneylines, you read the Super Bowl moneyline via the following rules: The favorite of a given matchup will be shown alongside a negative moneyline number, indicating the amount you have to wager to win $100. The underdog will be shown beside a positive number, which represents how much money you can win on a $100 bet. Bear in mind, the moneyline does not reflect any sort of minimum buy-in or required bet; it merely demonstrates the ratio in effect for a given wager. Most legal online sportsbooks will allow Super Bowl moneyline bets of as little as $0.25, so you can literally spend exactly the amount you wish on the big game, and not a penny more or less.

Super Bowl Spread Betting

Super Bowl spread betting, like all other point spread betting, is the most common wager type you’re going to come across for the NFL championship. Taken on aggregate, spread bets are probably the single most pervasive, well-known sports gambling types across all the world’s professional and amateur competitions. With the point spread, bookmakers give the “weaker” team a kind of head start on the scoreboard. Thus, the Super Bowl point spread could look something like this:

  • Pittsburgh Steelers +3 (-110) vs. Philadelphia Eagles -3 (-110)

Here, the Steelers are 3-point underdogs to the Rams. This means that, if you bet on the Steelers’ Super Bowl spread, the Pittsburgh team can actually lose by up to two points and still win the wager. Conversely, a bet on the Eagles means that Philly has to win by 4 or more points to make you a winner. Should the Eagles win by exactly three points, however, the bet will be declared a push and refund all the action for the contest. Because of this contingency, most bookies will tack on a half-point to the Super Bowl spread so that push outcomes become impossible.

Super Bowl Straight Betting

Super Bowl straight betting is another extremely common wager variety you’ll find on all the best legal online sportsbooks leading up to Super Bowl Sunday. Here, there is no handicap as in spread betting, and the “odds” are shown via the straight moneyline. (This is why straight betting is often referred to as straight moneyline betting.) Sportsbooks are able to guarantee action on both sides of the wager by making the underdog’s payout substantially better than that of the favorite:

  • Minnesota Vikings (+185) vs. New England Patriots (-165)

In the above matchup, the Vikings are underdogs, and a $100 bet on Minnesota to win would net the bettor $185 in return. As the favorites, however, the Patriots’ payout is far less, with a $165 bet only netting a $100 profit. As you might expect, the bigger the underdog, the better the payout, and the bigger the favorite, the more must be risked to win even a (comparatively) small amount of money.

Super Bowl Over/Under Betting

The third major betting type for legal California Super Bowl betting is the over/under bet, which is also called totals betting. Unlike other wagers, totals bets aren’t concerned with winners and losers. Instead, over/unders simply require the sports gambler to choose whether or not the combined final score of a given matchup will yield more (over) or fewer (under) the number settled on by the bookmaker. Here’s what Super Bowl over/under betting might look like at your legal online sportsbook of choice:

  • New Orleans Saints vs. Jacksonville Jaguars O/U 52.5 (-110)

Here, if the final score between NOLA and the Jags combines for 53 or more points, the over bet would win. If the combined total score is 52 or less, the under-bet wins. Note that, to avoid the possibility of a push (and the requisite refunds a push entails), Super Bowl over/under betting will typically always have half-point structures on the betting boards.

Super Bowl Player Props

In addition to the above common bet types, most legal online sportsbooks will have an extended tally of Super Bowl player props. Most NFL games will have a few dozen such proposition bets for any given regular season game, but since the Super Bowl is the marquee event of the entire sports wagering season, Internet betting shops will offer quite a few more player props. After all, in the biggest game of the year, each and every player’s individual performance is more crucial than ever.

Common Super Bowl player props may include things like how many touchdowns a quarterback will throw, how many receptions a wideout may pull in, how many sacks a defensive back will tally, how many field goals a kicker will put through the uprights, and more.

Super Bowl Team Props

Like player props, the Super Bowl team props you’ll see leading into the NFL championship game are more numerous and comprehensive than usual. Generally speaking, team props are conceptually identical to player props, with the key difference being that they’re applied to team-based performances as opposed to those of individual athletes.

Super Bowl team prop bets will include things like total offensive yardage, total defensive takeaways, the number of punts posted by one club or another, offensive and defensive times of possession, and so on. Between player and team prop wagers, legal California Super Bowl betting customers will likely have in excess of 100 different bets to choose from by the time the Game of Games caps off the NFL postseason.

Live Super Bowl Betting

If you think that all available Super Bowl betting has to be in the books and set in stone by kickoff, think again! With the advent of Internet betting shops and online sportsbooks, live betting – or in-game betting – is now available to legal California Super Bowl betting fans and other gamblers all over America. With live, in-play, Super Bowl betting, gamblers can wager on actual in-game outcomes on a play-by-play, snap-by-snap basis.

Legal online sportsbooks will constantly update their real-time lists of live bets for the big game, and you’ll be able to put action on all the minutiae you can imagine, from whether the next play is a pass or a run to how many points you think the current drive will culminate in. Live Super Bowl betting not only adds hundreds of more wager options to the game, but it enhances fan engagement and viewer retention in a way few things – even those silly Super Bowl commercials everyone seems to love – actually can.

Mobile Super Bowl Betting Apps

With there not being any land based sportsbooks in California just yet, mobile betting is the way to go with online sportsbooks such as MyBookie or Bovada. While you can access any of these online sportsbooks from a computer, they also have one of the best mobile betting platforms as well. While they don’t have a downloadable app, any mobile device that has access to the internet like an iPhone or Android is able to access these Super Bowl betting sites.

Legal California Super Bowl Betting FAQs

Is Betting On The Super Bowl Legal For CA Residents?

Provided you use a legal online sportsbook or Internet betting shop, you can enjoy legal California Super Bowl betting anywhere within the Golden State. Better, because there are no local statutes against placing overseas sports wagers in CA, you won’t be arrested for betting on the Super Bowl (or any other sport), no matter where in the state you happen to be.

Why Don’t CA Casinos Have Super Bowl Betting?

Even though California has a large number of tribal casinos, there are no laws and regulation supporting a state-run sportsbook. These casinos would likely be the first location to accept wagers if and when California goes legal; however, in the meantime, you will be required to stick with offshore betting sites that provide even more options than you would find in Las Vegas.

Should I Use Other Online Sportsbooks For Super Bowl Betting?

There are literally hundreds of online sportsbooks to choose from when placing sports bets over the Internet. However, if you actually intend to collect your winnings from your legal California Super Bowl betting, it’s not a good idea to go with unknown (or even lesser-known) sites or services. Instead, stick with Bovada, SportsBetting, BetOnline, BetDSI, and BookMaker, as they’re the most trusted, longest-established, and most reputable legal online sportsbooks out there.

What Are The Best Ways To Put Money Into My California Super Bowl Sportsbook?

The quickest and easiest ways to put money into your CA Super Bowl sportsbook account is to use Visa or Mastercard charges. These are typically instantaneous. If you opt to use bank transfers, money orders, personal checks, or other more traditional means of payment, it can take up to two weeks for that money to show up in your account. Another option for rapid deposits into your legal online sportsbook of choice is to use Bitcoin or Litecoin. These cryptocurrencies also have the added benefit of being far more secure and private than normal bank-controlled payment processes.

How Do I Withdraw My Legal California Super Bowl Winnings?

Generally speaking, withdrawals from your sports betting account(s) take more time to process than do deposits. This is because, while you can use a credit or debit card to fund your sportsbook activities pretty much instantly, you cannot use these same avenues to secure your winnings. Thus, payouts are usually limited to slower, more costly transactions, like money orders, wire transfers, and courier checks. However, if you allow yourself to be paid out in a cryptocurrency like Bitcoin or Litecoin, you will receive your winnings same-day. It’s also worth noting that these payment types are enjoying a bullish market and could actually appreciate far more than any dollar-based payout in the near term.

Do I Have To Claim My Super Bowl Winnings On My Taxes?

Unfortunately, it’s recommended that you claim all your legal California Super Bowl betting payouts on your taxes, as – once the money makes its way from the overseas sportsbooks to US shores – you can be sure that the IRS will be on it like stink on a monkey. Use this resource (particularly Form W-2G and Form 1040) to make sure you claim everything that Uncle Sam thinks you owe him.

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