How To Bet On The Los Angeles Rams

Even though another NFL franchise shares the same hometown, betting on the Los Angeles Rams is an experience all of its own. With the team relocating multiple times throughout its history - first to Cali from Cleveland, and then from St. Louis back to the Golden State – the franchise has an eclectic mix of fans that love to get in on the latest Rams betting action. Millions are wagered and won on NFL games each year, but there are still many enthusiasts unsure about exactly where to bet on the Los Angeles Rams.

This question has become even more relevant with the repeal of PASPA, as the federal law previously limited sports betting to online operators and a select few states. With California sports betting moving toward regulation, it means that residents of the state will have more options than ever for betting on the Los Angeles Rams or any other team for that matter.

While the best way to bet on the LA Rams continues to be reputable offshore sportsbooks, knowing the direction that legal California sports betting is headed can be beneficial. Of course, every diehard sports fan wants to focus on where to find the latest betting odds on the Los Angeles Rams, which is something we are more than moderately knowledgeable on. We will take a look at the best sports betting sites for wagering on the LA Rams and also provide insight into potential land-based locations for sports betting in California.

Betting On The Super Bowl For Rams Fans

Super Bowl LV logoThe LA Rams are the reigning Super Bowl champions, and they could run it back next season. They are one of the few teams that have a chance to win the Super Bowl again. Those that love betting on the Rams Super Bowl odds can put a lot of money on it. Super Bowl odds are up and online sportsbooks are where players will find the best odds. Online sportsbooks like Bovada, MyBookie, and others have plenty of bonuses and plenty of betting options for players to check out, which we recommend you do.

Best Sites For Betting On The Los Angeles Rams

Now that we’ve discussed how to bet on the Rams from various angles and with several different wagering methods, all that’s left to go over is where you can bet on the Los Angeles Rams without needing to schedule a trip out to Las Vegas (or risking legal trouble by trusting a shady local bookie). The legal option for wagering on the NFL is, of course, to use one or all of our highly recommended offshore sports betting sites for sports betting in California. In the next few sections, we will take a more in-depth look into our top picks among the best online sportsbooks for NFL betting, not just for California residents but for people all across the USA.


Bovada SportsbookThe Leading Legal Offshore Sportsbook For Rams Fans

Bovada is without a doubt the industry’s leading platform for betting on the Los Angeles Rams and other popular NFL teams. Bovada offers better bonuses, tighter security, greater convenience and a wider variety of betting odds than most any competitor, but it’s the way all these great benefits combine that makes this site a winner. One visit to Bovada to realize that the developers spared no expense in making the sportsbook easy to navigate, and the fact that it’s got the slickest user interfaces out there only makes things more enjoyable. Bovada also has some excellent bonuses like a $250 welcome bonus for Rams fans and a 50 percent cash match on a first deposit.

SportsBetting SportsbookPlayers From All 50 States Accepted, Fastest Betting Line Updates

When you want to bet on the Rams as easily and conveniently as possible, place your wagers at, which is based out of the Caribbean island nation of Antigua. SportsBetting offers game lines for every Rams matchup and a wide selection of futures, special wagers and prop bets than anywhere else, and the bookies at this highly respected sportsbook are also some of the fastest.

This sportsbook also boasts some of the industry’s most compelling promotional and bonus offers, including a 50% percent cash match bonus worth up to $1,000 on every deposit. New players can also redeem the same offer with code SB1000. Additionally, SportsBetting has numerous fast options for making deposits and collecting quick sportsbook cash-outs, the fastest of which is Bitcoin, for which there is also a deposit bonus worth thousands of dollars of free bets. SportsBetting is one of the best sites for betting on the Los Angeles Rams.

BetOnline - Accepting Cryptocurrency To Bet On Rams

BetOnline SportsbookAll the land-based sportsbooks are found but online sportsbooks like BetOnline are much better than any sportsbooks that players can walk into. There are a lot of features at BetOnline and Rams odds are one of them. A lot of games are coming up so the fact that BetOnline has mobile betting options is huge for all bettors. This means that when players do get the chance to bet on their Rams it is much easier and there is a live betting feature as well. A lot of banking methods are here as well which means players can pick how they transfer their winnings by their preference. All players have to be to sign up for a BetOnline account is 18 and older and all of this is here for them to check out!

Best California Sports Betting Sites - 100% Trusted + Safe
Bovada Sportsbook50% Up To $250VISA + Wire Transfer
BetOnline Sportsbook50% Up To $1,000 VISA, Bitcoin, Cash Wire
MyBookie Sportsbook50% New Member Bonus!VISA, Bitcoin
Xbet Sportsbook100% Up To $300 VISA, Bitcoin
Sportsbetting Sportsbook50% Up To $1,000 Bitcoin, Wire Xfer, VISA

Weekly Betting Odds For Los Angeles Rams Games

Weekly betting odds on marquee NFL teams like the Rams are almost always going to be available at the online gambling industry’s leading legal sportsbook sites. Our top picks are of course no exception, and can generally be relied upon to offer up-to-date current odds so fans can bet on the Rams. That being said, there will always be factors such as player injuries, inclement weather or even one-sided matchups that can potentially limit the availability of betting odds.

But let’s not get too far ahead of ourselves. Before we can get into what the leading legal sportsbooks are currently offering for betting on the Los Angeles Rams, we need to explain how to read the moneyline, which is in many ways the foundational component of all the different wager types.

The Los Angeles Rams Moneyline

Understanding the moneyline is of the most crucial importance when you want to bet on the Rams. That’s because the moneyline provides all the information a bettor needs about the amount of money to be risked versus the amount to be gained in a successful wager. The moneyline is basically a visual representation of the chances – in this case, the literal odds – an event has of actually occurring.

The moneyline is written according to a formula based on increments (or units, as they are also called) of $100 risked or won. For example, odds of +110 indicates that a successful bet of $100 will result in a payout of $110, while odds of -110 mean a successful bet requires $110 to be wagered in order to win an additional $100.

Betting On The Rams To Beat The Spread

Spread wagering is the most common style of betting for NFL because it indicates an even playing field. Favorites of the matchup will have a number next to their team with a minus sign in front while the underdogs will have the same number but with a plus sign in front. This is the spread. It determines the points in favor of one team that must be beaten in order to win your bet. For example, if the Rams were -3.5, they would have to win by 4 points or more for a successful wager. If they were +3.5, they would have to lose by 1,2, or 3 points (or win the game outright). Spread betting makes betting on powerful teams and weaker teams more exciting.

Los Angeles Rams Prop Bets

Prop bets are different from other wager types used to bet on the Rams. That’s because props are wagers based on the individual statistical performances of individuals on a team or on the team as a whole. The key is that prop bets are placed on aspects of the game in question that don’t directly relate to the final outcome of the game.

Some common prop bets are whether the number of passing touchdowns will be under or over the bookie’s expected number or if the Rams will win their conference championship. Because wagering on the Rams via prop bets doesn’t conflict with any other bets placed on the same matchup, props are an incredibly popular way for smart bettors to vastly improve their winnings when they go to cash-out their ticket.

We’ll take a look at a few examples of player prop bets and team prop bets in the upcoming sections.

Los Angeles Rams – Player Prop Examples

Total Rams Running Back Rushing Yards Vs San Francisco 49ers

  • Over 100 Rushing Yards (-120)
  • Under 100 Rushing Yards (+140)

Will The Rams’ Quarterback Throw An Interception Vs Seattle Seahawks?

  • Yes +300
  • No -240

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Los Angeles Rams – Team Prop Examples

Total Rams First Downs Vs Oakland Raiders

  • Over 16 First Downs (-120)
  • Under 16 First Downs (EVEN)

Will The Los Angeles Rams Win The NFC West Division This Season?

  • Yes +400
  • No -700

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Where To Bet On The Los Angeles Rams In California

Finding out where to bet on the Los Angeles Rams in California is not difficult at all, as offshore online sportsbooks remain the best option. These sites have always presented weekly game lines and futures odds on the Los Angeles Rams, and this will not change even with the change to the federal law. However, PASPA being overturned does open the possibility of California sportsbooks opening across the state. California is home to more than 60 Indian casinos, the majority of which would offer sports betting once permitted by the state. Los Angeles sportsbooks could potentially include any of the following casinos:

  • San Manuel Casino (65 miles from downtown LA)
  • 5797 North Victoria Avenue
  • Highland, CA 92346-1763
  • Soboba Casino (86 miles)
  • 23333 Soboba Road
  • San Jacinto, CA 92581
  • Morongo Casino Resort Spa (90 miles)
  • 49750 Seminole Drive
  • Cabazon, CA 92230-2200
  • Pechanga Resort & Casino (90 miles)
  • 45000 Pala Road
  • Temecula, CA 92592-5810

Live Betting on Los Angeles Rams Games

Live betting or in game wagering on the Rams is becoming more and more popular. Here you are able to bet on the Rams as they are playing live in a game. Take note that while they are playing and the game is going on, the odds are constantly shifting based off of what is happening in the game. Knowing that the odds are constantly changing, you can use this to your advantage to tail bets and make more of a profit.

This Link Will Take You To Where You Can Find Live Betting On The Rams

Mobile NFL Betting Apps For Android and IPhone

Smartphones running iOS, Android, and Windows operating systems are supported by the mobile NFL betting apps developed by our top-rated legal sports wagering sites. Rams fans can take advantage of all the same convenience and ease of use that are the hallmarks of our recommended sites, with the added benefit of being able to take their sports betting hobby anywhere. Bovada, SportsBetting, and BetOnline spent considerable time and resources perfecting these mobile sports betting apps but they all offer their respective apps for free download directly from their websites (you won’t find them on the Apple Store or the GooglePlay store).

These apps are essentially the smartphone-optimized versions of their respective sites’ desktop offerings. That means you’ll have access to all the same security, speed and reliability of the industry’s best legal offshore sportsbooks but in a package that you can enjoy whether you’re at the bar with your buddies or pulling overtime at work. At any rate, using mobile sports betting apps won’t cost you any extra, but you just might be able to cash out a bigger ticket because you can bet on the Rams wherever you are.

State-licensed mobile sports betting apps be more traditional in the sense that you will be able to download them from the Apple Store or GooglePlay store because they are regulated. The land-based sportsbooks that offer mobile apps sometimes require bettors to be physically present on the property, limiting your options for where you can place mobile wagers. That is why the mobile sites offered by offshore sportsbooks are still preferred for betting on the Los Angeles Rams.

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