How To Bet On The San Diego Chargers

San Diego might be known for it's great weather year-round, but they also play some darn good football out there. But if you are visiting this page, then you probably already know that and are curious about the different ways to bet on the San Diego Chargers. After all, we are here to talk about San Diego Chargers betting line, and the options are out there for Chargers fans and avid NFL bettors.

The purpose of this page is to inform you about the different Chargers odds commonly available at sportsbooks, how to make a bet on the Chargers, and finally where to place a bet online for the Chargers game. So check us out, scroll down the page, and get all of the information that you seek, plus find an acceptable online sports betting site in which you can place a bet on any of the betting lines we describe below.

Bet On The San Diego ChargersSportsbooks and oddsmakers will form betting lines for all of the Chargers games during the season. Even in preseason, betting odds will be formed for each of those four opponents, and that is all before getting into the 16 game regular season schedule for San Diego not to mention the possibility of more lines for Chargers games in the postseason.

Weekly Betting Odds For San Diego Chargers Games

If you are looking to bet on a Chargers game, there are going to be several odds that are formed for each. The game lines are three basic odds set for every matchup in the NFL. They consist of a point spread, a moneyline, and a game total.

When looking at the point spread, you will find the Chargers having to give points in the role of the favorite, or receiving points in the role of the underdog. Either way, the bet will be made on San Diego covering or not covering the points.

On straight up wagers or "moneylines" as they are commonly referred, it is a bet on the Chargers winning or losing the game with no point spread involved.

With the game total on the over/under number of points scored, you will find a combined total set by oddsmakers for the Chargers and their opponent for the week. This point total would include all points scored in regulation as well as overtime if needed.

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San Diego Chargers Player Prop Bets

Player prop betting lines for the Chargers are formed for every game, but can also cover outcomes outside of a single game, such as relating to the season or player performances in general. Let's take a look at a couple of examples.

San Diego Chargers - Player Prop Examples

Ryan Mathews Total Rushing Yards vs. Denver Broncos

  • Over 79.5 Rushing Yards (-110)
  • Under 79.5 Rushing Yards (-110)

This is a wager placed on Ryan Mathews and his performance against the Broncos. If Mathews rushes for 80 yards or more, then the 'over' total wins the line but until that happens the 'under' is winning this wager.

Will Philip Rivers Throw More Than 16 INT This Season?

  • Yes +200

This is a bet placed on the total number of interceptions that Rivers will throw throughout the course of the season. The payout here would be +200, or 2/1.

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San Diego Chargers Team Prop Bets

Team prop odds for the Chargers are a lot like player props, in the sense that there are a bunch formed for each game, and they are based on smaller outcomes with less variables. Below are a couple of examples.

San Diego Chargers - Team Prop Examples

San Diego Chargers Total First Downs vs. Chicago Bears

  • Over 14.5 Total First Downs (EVEN)
  • Under 14.5 Total First Downs (-120)

This is a team prop for the Chargers based only on the number of first downs that they get in the game versus the Bears and nothing more. The bet is made on the 'over' or 'under' on the mark set versus the actual total of first downs achieved by the Chargers at the end of the game. Note the payouts because the 'under' is favored in this prop wager as shown by it's less than 1 to 1 payout, 4 to 5 to be exact.

Will The San Diego Chargers Win The AFC West This Season?

  • Yes +300

This is a season-long team prop line based on the Chargers stance in the AFC West division, and whether or not they will be the ones leading the division at the end of the regular season. As you can see, this is a "Yes" only wager. Also, a line like this would only be available before the season and at certain points during. In other words, a prop like this is not available weekly as where future odds to win the AFC West usually are.

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Live Betting On San Diego Chargers Games

Want to feel like you are close to the action on gameday? Then get in on live betting on the Chargers games. Betting live is becoming more and more popular each season, because online sportsbooks are able to formulate instant betting lines as the games progress. Not all Chargers games will have live betting available (no team does) but fans of this form of betting should be able to find at least a few games each week that do, especially at California betting sites like Bovada (left).

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Other Ways To Wager On The San Diego Chargers

One of the most popular forms of betting lines are futures odds. Here, bettors can place wagers on Chargers Super Bowl Odds, as well as their odds to win the AFC championship and their division. One of the really great things about futures wagers are the payouts. These payouts are routinely the highest among the betting lines that we have already talked about on this page. They are statistically harder, but if you are right, you can make some serious cash, and have some big bragging rights over your friends!

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Best Sites For Wagering On Chargers Games

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