California Lawmakers And Tribes Unable To Agree On Sports Betting Legalization

  • 18 Native American Tribes are wanting to place legalized sports wagering on the 2020 ballot.
  • With a ban on mobile and internet betting, the tribal casinos would have full control of the industry.
  • Legislators have a different idea in mind, as they wish to have an open market.

CALIFORNIA – A total of 18 Native American tribes in the state of California are fighting to legalize sports wagering statewide on the ballot in 2020. The authorization of the tribe’s mindset would mean on-site sports betting at casinos and racetracks that are licensed, but does not mean mobile or internet betting.

The bill will prohibit sports betting on any and all high school sports, greyhound racing, and college team events. Also, sports wagering will only be allowed to those who are 21 years and older.

The tribes will pay 10 percent in taxes that will go towards things such as education, the cost of regulating the industry, public safety and mental health programs.

Sports betting is now legal in a total of 13 states and is being considered for a number of others.

Recently powerful Native American tribes proposed to the state a constitutional amendment that would give permission for bets only inside their casinos and their four horse racing tracks. The tribes do not want to include licensed card clubs and would like to place a ban on mobile as well as online betting.

State legislators are not happy with this.

Lawmakers have been moving with caution with their amendment on California sports betting so that they can design something for gamblers to bet on like the Giants, 49ers, and other teams which will bring in a large amount of revenue.

Their objective will allow bettors to use their internet and mobile devices, which the Native Americans are totally against.

The Native American tribes and their supporters will have to collect up to 997,139 signatures that are valid by June 25, 2020. This will assure their objective is placed on the ballot in November 2020.

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